Magical Winter in Novi Sad


Winter in Novi Sad is almost like a fairytale. We know that Novi Sad is pretty much alive during the summer months because of the “EXIT festival”, but this town is the most romantic in the winter.

If you want to enter the Ice Forest, ride on a carousel, eat a chimney cake or drink some tasty mulled wine that will keep you warm (and more cheerful, indeed) then visiting Novi Sad in winter is a right choice.

In Novi Sad and in Serbia in general, that wonderful Christmas spirit lasts longer. If you want to enjoy your favorite time of the year a bit longer, we are celebrating two Christmases. One on the 25th of December and one on the 7th of January. All in between are the moments of pure joy. So, are you ready to enter the magical winter world of Novi Sad?

Lights on!


The very beginning of that unique holiday spirit begins with the Christmas lights. The entire town is sparkling, encrusted in wonderful blue lights which give you a feeling of coziness, especially in winter when the days are shorter. The city is shining bright and there is no chance that you will feel moody or down in an environment like that. A simple walk around the town center will instantly lift your spirits.

Driving in the carriage 


This isn’t reserved for Cinderella or Ice Queen exclusively. If you are tired of walking and you want to be more romantic – there is a carriage waiting for you, just in front of The Name of Mary Church. Take a trip around the town center and you will instantly feel like you are transferred to a different time.

Ice forest in the Danube Park


The winter wonderland is waiting for you: A Danube park in winter is transformed into a magical winter forest. The idea behind the Ice Forest was to create a small piece of heaven for everyone who is in love with winter sports such as ice skating. Therefore, in the Ice Forest you have amazing ice rinks where you can rent skates and enjoy.

For those who just like to watch other people doing the impossible figures on ice, don’t worry – there is a stage for different events and plenty of food and tea for you to enjoy the winter magic.

Winter fest


At the very center of the town, there is a spot reserved for the Winter fest. And you can literally find everything you need. Different crafts, toys, souvenirs, and traditional foods.

You can try ‘’chimney cake’’ for example or buy high-quality leather products, finely crocheted hats, and gloves.  And take a ride on the carousel, just like when you were younger. Everything has a taste of nostalgia and it will stick to you for a very long time.

If you want to be more romantic, you can also buy a ‘’Licitar’’ heart. It is a candy heart with a little mirror in it – it is a nice present for your loved one. The secret is that your loved one will look in the mirror and see its own reflection, it is the nicest way to declare your love for someone this winter.

New Years Eve


The most important night of the year, when all the dreams and wishes are coming true. Well, in Novi Sad we have two of these nights. If your wishes by any chance hadn’t come true, there is a chance to repeat everything.

Both New Year’s Eves (one on 31st of December and other on 13th of January) play an important role for Serbian people. It is the time when the entire city is alive and you have parties even during the day to warm you up for the night.

Depending on your taste, you can find your little piece of heaven and enjoy your unique New Year’s Eve experience.


Winter in Novi Sad promises a really great time, no matter if you are visiting with your family, with your significant other or alone. We can help you create your very own winter wonderland adventure. Hostel ‘’Nomad’’ is located in the very center of all happenings, give us a visit and you are already there.


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