Transport in Novi Sad

All roads lead to Novi Sad. The second-largest city in Serbia and the capital of Vojvodina is very neatly located. Everything is very close and it welcomes visitors from all corners of the world. A unique mix of different cultures, traditions, and well-known hospitality is what makes Novi Sad such an attractive location. What is the best way to get to Novi Sad ASAP? Let’s find out which kind of transportation suits you the best.

By Air

Novi Sad still doesn’t have its own airport but we are more than lucky that we are very well interconnected with Belgrade. Surčin airport is approximately 75 kilometers from Novi Sad and you can easily get to Novi Sad. It is about a 1-hour drive by car and around an hour and a half by bus. There are many different options to reach Novi Sad from there: you can use rent a car service, you can use bus transport, you can rent a taxi or van or you can use the services of the increasingly popular blablacar service.

By Road

As we mentioned before - Novi Sad is very practically located. The most frequently used roads in Europe are very close to Novi Sad: E70 and E75. If you are for example traveling from Wien, you can get here in 4- 5 hours. We need to mention that there is obligatory insurance for foreigners that can vary, depending on how long you will decide to stay.

Once you arrive to Novi Sad, which type of transportation is the best?

We suggest you take a long stroll, to feel the energy and get more of our city’s vibe. Long walks are simply the best and healthiest way to meet our town. Also, there is an option to rent a bike and you can enjoy the ride the whole day. 

Novi Sad has a very well developed network of buses and you can easily get to any location. Petrovaradin Fortress is a very attractive location and you can easily get there by bus number 3 or number 9 bus. If you are visiting Novi Sad in summer - there is an attractive beach called Štrand and you can get there by bus number 1 or 8. The first day it might seem confusing but on the next day, you will be an expert. Also, there is an option to take a taxi if you by any chance get lost. In this case, use some of the most popular Taxi Services such are Novus, Maxi, Red taxi… never go with an unregistered taxi service because it can cost you a lot.

If you want to take a trip around, explore the mountain Fruška Gora, or try some sweet wines from Sremski Karlovci wineries - you can use a rent a car service and explore.

In Novi Sad, we like to take things slowly, without any rush. It is both our mentality and our philosophy. We love food and we love to enjoy every single bite. But it doesn’t mean that we don’t take care of our physical health. Yes, we like to take long walks. We ride bicycles very often. But we know how to get a serious adrenaline rush when needed. Ok, maybe our favorite extreme sport is drinking our coffee five minutes before work but we bet that you will like the following activities.

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