Novi Sad Night Life

Novi Sad is the second-largest city in Serbia and is well known for its wild nightlife And there is a little something for everyone. There is live music, electronic, dance, concerts...whatever comes to your mind, we can name a place. Novi Sad is a city that never sleeps, where it is very hard to get bored. Interested in what we have to offer? Keep reading.

Clubs in Laze Telečkog street

When visiting Novi Sad you probably want to catch a glimpse of Serbian music. That is why you should first take a trip to Laze Telečkog street. And from there you will have to choose what you prefer. Most popular clubs are ‘’Cactus’’ a Mexican style club where you can enjoy house music. If you are more into the entire Carribean vibe - there is ‘’Cuba Libre’’. Also, there is a very popular pub called  ‘’Lazino Tele’’ where you can enjoy all sorts of live music. 

Among popular clubs at the very center of Novi Sad is Giardino. You will love this place because it is located at the rooftop and you can get an amazing view of the entire Novi Sad. The music program is always different but we bet you will find something for yourself easily.

Live Music

"Gerila bar" is always an awesome location for live music acts. Here you can find all sorts of genres - from rock, metal, even guilty pleasure party and karaoke nights. "Gerila bar" is always home to the most awesome cover bands. No matter if you like Linkin Park, Depeche Mode or Metallica - you will find something for yourself.

Petrovaradin Fortress Nightclubs

Petrovaradin fortress has a lot to offer when it comes to partying, even when it's not the "Exit festival" time of year. You can enjoy its ambiance and party your face off - at the clubs called ‘’Muzej’’ (Museum in Serbian, who thought that exploring our culture could be so exciting) and club called Đava. At both of these places you can enjoy various genres of music, mostly house, RnB and Pop.

For the nostalgic people...

Well, we have you covered. If your own best memories are connected with a certain era, we can turn on a time machine - in the ‘’Firchie Think Tank’’ studio. This awesome place located in Chinatown, established by Ivan Fece Firchie, former drummer from the famous band ‘’EKV’’, will take you instantly to your favorite era. No matter if you love the 80’s, 90's and 00's or you want to party like it’s 1999… you should give this awesome place a visit. Party doesn’t stop till the morning hours.

For the ones that simply adore jazz…

You can never make a mistake by attending a jazz night. And it is not reserved for the weekend exclusively. At the ‘’Brick Bar’’ every Wednesday is reserved for the awesome jazz nights. When you add a gin and tonic to the mix - just sit back and relax. If you want to find awesome jazz gig on weekends - check out the ‘’Svilara’’, ‘’KC lab’’ or the castle ‘’Eđšeg’’.

Classical Music

If you want to enjoy classical music, we even have that option. Lucky for us, we have a picturesque synagogue with amazing acoustics - which represents a really amazing place to enjoy some of the classic pieces. We have an annual celebration called ‘’Piano city’’ when the entire city becomes a piano concert venue. Also, you will get instant goosebumps when you hear ‘’Carmina Burana’’ at the synagogue. 

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