Novi Sad Landmarks

Once you decide to visit Novi Sad, the first question will probably be - which landmarks in Novi Sad are the most popular and where do I start? Novi Sad is the city of different cultures with the richest history you can imagine.

Every building has a story to tell, every landmark is a piece of the puzzle waiting to be solved. Where to start, then? Probably from the town center because everything is concentrated there, in one place. The only further landmark is the Petrovaradin fortress but you can get there very easily by taking a 15-20 minutes walk).

The catholic church “The name of Mary’’

Probably the first building you will see when you google for the images of Novi Sad. This amazing neo-gothic church was built in the year 1895. It has both an amazing interior and exterior. You will first notice amazing glass pictures of saints, the works of Hungarian and Czech glass artists.

Matica Srpska

It is the oldest cultural-scientific institution. Novi Sad is home to the Matica Srpska since the year 1864. For all the bookworms who want to visit Novi Sad, it would be a one of a kind experience. History, books, and gallery -you can find everything in one place in Matica Srpska.

Museum of Vojvodina

If you want to travel through time - pay a visit to this Museum. It covers a span of 8000 years. You can take a peek at the history from the neolithic era till now. Dive deep into archaeology, ethnology, economics, and of course war history. You can see pottery, intact warrior helmets and more. We won’t spoil you the fun, you need to come and see!

Dunavska street

The oldest street in Novi Sad. Here you can visit the City Library (built in the year 1895) and eat the most amazing ice cream or traditional Serbian sweets. You can pay a visit to ‘’Ribar’’- the oldest tavern in the city. Follow the path and soon you will get to Dunavski park and you can enjoy a peaceful oasis there.


One of a kind historical monuments - this synagogue was built in the year 1909. More than 4000 Jews lived in the city of Novi Sad during these times. Unfortunately, by the end of this war, only about 1000 of them were left. Today, this historical monument is the place for the most amazing concerts because of the amazing acoustic and picturesque ambiance.

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