Local Food

Local Food in Novi Sad

The first thing you learn when you arrive in Novi Sad is that this awesome city is a beautiful mix of different cultures and traditions. So it means there are tons of different dishes and you will probably be confused, wondering where to start. Our advice? Try everything. Just a friendly warning - you will probably be back home couple of pounds heavier. 

It is a pure symphony created from unforgettable flavors for your taste buds. Once you decide to try out our traditional foods and drinks, you will be back for more.

Traditional food

In Novi Sad, we care about the tradition very much. Great thing is that we can give you a taste of this tradition. One of the first dishes people would often tell you to try out is called sarma. It is the main component of all our celebrations - from weddings to patron saint day and almost every other celebration! The next dish that is extremely popular is called ćevapi. If you combine them with kajmak, ajvar, and onion salad - it will simply amaze your taste buds.

If you have a craving for something sweet: gomboce are here to save the day. Wondering what that is?  Crispy, crunchy, creamy and sweet - all at the same time. It is a boiled potato-dough dumpling with a plum inside rolled in fried sugary bread crumbs... If you crave for traditional food, a great choice is a restaurant called ‘’Veliki’’ (literally translates ‘’a big one’’ and you will be amazed about the portion size).

If you want a full package - you should visit a little something called ‘’Čarda’’ on the Danube and try out the most famous fish dishes. ‘’Čarda’’ is a Persian word for a tavern built by the river on four wooden pillars. While enjoying some nice live music called ‘’tamburaši’’ you should give a taste to our most famous fish dishes - fish stew, fish soup and the most famous dish called ‘’Drunken carp fish’’. For this amazing adventure visit the Fisherman’s Isle. There is plenty of fish in the Danube and plenty of restaurants to visit.

Street Food

Now, there is something extremely popular and unique for Novi Sad. So-called ‘’index sandwich’’. The recipe today is modified and changed but it is still a Novi Sad’s trademark. It consists of ham, cheese, and mushrooms. And it literally melts in your mouth. If you want to try the original taste, try it in the ‘’Vanessa’’ index sandwich house. They were the ones who invented it and you will see why it tastes so good. 

If you crave a little something called ‘’burek’’, which is a must when you are visiting Serbia (just don’t argue with people about ingredients of this dish, trust us). There is a little hidden place called ‘’Burek plus’’ that hides the tastiest, the crispiest burek out there - located in Rumenačka street just near the hospital.


Did you know that Novi Sad was the first city in the former Yugoslavia to welcome pizza? It happened in the year 1973 and people were waiting in the lines to try this famous Italian dish. The most popular pizza places in Novi Sad are ‘’Caribic’’ and ‘’Ciao’’. When visiting the ‘’Caribic’’ try their ice-cream also!

Burgers and Pub Foods

Are you full or are you hungry for more? Ok, let’s go! Pub foods are extremely popular in Serbia, and in Novi Sad, we are more than lucky to have such creative people creating unforgettable flavors. If you want to feel like you are in the medieval times ‘’ Kamelot’’ is an awesome choice. There you can find burgers but also delicacies like steak in cherry sauce, deep-fried pancakes and more. And you will have a feeling like you just got from a battle, hungry as a wolf. A great plus is that there are awesome craft beers to match that tasty food.

Toster bar - when you need a perfect burger, visit this place. If you are hungry for adventure - try something called ‘’Vatra’’ (fire burger). Paprika is one of the few Serbian words accepted in the world and if you want to feel paprika in all its glory - try it. If you want to enjoy your meal without setting your tongue on fire - their weekly specials are always original and they bring a unique mix of Serbian flavors packed in American style burger.

Exotic Restaurants

We told you that we are a unique mix of all cultures. 

Surabaya - Indonesian restaurant located a bit far away from the heart of the town, but trust us, it is worth all the walk to try their awesome dishes. You will burn all your calories and your tastebuds will thank you

Plove is a Uzbekistani restaurant located in the very center of the town. Uzbekistan is a bit far away but when visiting Novi Sad, you can feel it’s spirit. Some of the most notable dishes are ‘’boršč’’, ‘’šašlik’’, ‘’čeburek’’ - it is easier to eat them than to pronounce them but trust us, it is worth.

For the worshipers of the Arabic culture - give a visit to Hammam Atrium. There you can get a massage, traditional Arabic foods and sweet ‘’baklava’’.

If you are a vegan or a vegetarian - don’t worry, we think about you guys also. Some of the most popular places are ‘’Bananas’’ (best chocolate cake ever), ‘’Ananda’’ ( they have amazing daily menus with original and organic food) and Salti (vegan fast food, best falafels out there).

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