Kralja Aleksandra 14, Novi Sad

Directions to Hostel Nomad

Arriving from the airport:

To get to Hostel Nomad from Nikola Tesla Airport (BGD), there are no direct bus or train lines to Novi Sad, so you will need to go to Belgrade first, and get on a train or a bus to Novi Sad, or get a taxi or a shuttle that will drive you directly to Novi Sad. 

Also, there is a possibility of arranging a shuttle from the hostel to the airport or other destinations in Serbia (for this option, you must notify us at least one day in advance).

Arriving by bus/train:

To get to us from Novi Sad Bus and Railway station (they are next to each other), just get on the number four (4) bus - there is a bus stop in front of the Main Railway Station entrance. The bus tickets cost 70 dinars and are sold by the bus driver. Then get off on the fourth bus stop from the station - you will see a tall white brutalist style building - The Main Post Office building, and behind the bus stop there is a bank (Banca Intesa) for reference. Once you get off the bus, go to the right and pass through the under passage that connects to the opposite side of the street. As you exit on the other side, just make a left and you will pass a cafe “Trčika” (it looks like an old tram) and behind it is our building, the old green one, built in art

On foot:

The best way to reach us from the main bus/train station Is to just walk straight following the Boulevard (Bulevar Oslobođenja), leading away from the stations, following the left side of the street. Then take a left into Pavla Papa street (3rd traffic light crossing from the main bus/train station) and just continiue following it until you reach the end of it – it finishes as a dead-end street for cars, but pedestrinas and bikes can continiue on. Then, you will see the the traffic light straight in front of you, cross the street and than immediatly cross the street again to the left ( There is a DM store next to those traffic lights for reference) . Once you cross the street, go right following the road, walking next to the hostel building, and when you reach the cafe ’’Trčika’’ that looks like an old tram, you have reached the entrance to the hostel building!

Taxi in Novi Sad:

If you are carring a lot of luggage or just don’t feel like walking, you can take a taxi and it will take you directly to the hostel building! Just watch out for illegal taxis, always look for taxis that have their licence plates finishing with letters ’’TX’’ and tell them to turn the taxi meter on.

We suggest that you look for a taxi on a parking lot, on the left side from the main Train station, right next to a McDonald’s restarurant. That is a parking that legal taxis park, unlike the illegal ones which park right in fornt of the main train station, on the roundabout. The ride to the hostel should’t cost you more than 300 to 350 dinars.

Arriving by car:

Parking in Novi Sad:

Although Hostel Nomad building is in the pedestrian zone of Novi Sad,but it is possible to park very close, since on one side of the building is facing the boulevard. 

There are 2 open parking garages very close to the hostel, as well as street parking next to the hostel building. The first one is across the street from the hostel (“Gallery square” - number 1), and the other one is down the street from the hostel (behind the Serbian National Theater building - number 2). Both of them are not more than 200 meters away from the hostel. In both of these charge by the hour – one hour of parking costs 45 RSD (approx. 0.30 EUR) and they charge you upon exiting.


Street parking zones:

Novi Sad street parking has 3 types of parking zones. You can pay for it by sending an SMS with a car license plate number on a specific phone number, that charges your telephone number. The parking is charged from 07:00 until 21:00 on weekdays and from 07:00 until 14:00 on Saturdays. It is free on Sunday.

Red zone: Maximum parking time in this zone is 2 hours and the cost is 53 dinars for every hour. We do not advise our guests to park here since is expensive and limited. The SMS payment number is 8211.

Blue zone: The time of parking in this zone Is unlimited. The cost for an hour of parking in this zone is 44 RSD. The SMS payment number is 8212. In some marked blue zone parking, you can also buy a daily ticket, that also is valid for the white zone. The parking must be marked with a specific white sign, as seen on the photo. 

White zone: The time of parking in this zone is also unlimited. The cost for one hour of parking is 30 RSD, but there is also a possibility of buying a daily ticket for 95 RSD. The number for payment is 8218, and for the daily ticket it is 8215, but you can buy daily tickets on street kiosks.

Street Sign

parking novi sad