Things to Consider When Choosing a Hostel


Choosing a hostel may seem like an easy task but don’t leave this for the last minute. It will save you time, money and a ton of nerves. Finding the right hostel for your new traveling adventure could be pretty much challenging. Keep in mind that the cheapest option is certainly not always the best, that the location is much more important than you think and of course, there is a question of privacy. Do you want to have your own private room or to be more friendly and meet the other backpackers? Keep in mind that it is always like a lottery. Luckily we have some tips that will help you find the hostel that suits your needs and you will enjoy your trip.


First thing when choosing a hostel: do your research!


We are living in an era of ever-evolving digital technologies. So it means that if you are not on the internet, people can’t find you. So, it is time to do research on your perfect hostel. Search for the hostels and then watch out for the reviews. Keep in mind that reviews are pretty useful but sometimes even the best ones will get a negative one. It is a cruel world out there. 

Once when you found something that seems interesting to you – check if they have social media profiles. Facebook and Instagram are the best tools for this kind of research. Here you will soon see all the details about their accommodation, how they are treating their customers etc. If you have friends who are also experienced backpackers, make sure to ask them about their positive and negative experiences. 


Devil is in the details – read the descriptions. The fine print also.

There are different kinds of hostels down the road – party hostels, dorms, youth hostels…you name it, this industry is growing rapidly. It depends on your travel plan. If you imagined a romantic getaway with your loved one, but it turned out that you are in a dorm with a few drunken roommates, that seems like the beginning of a dark comedy film.


On the other hand, dorms are great for meeting new people who think alike. So it is important to read the description and understand what the hostels are offering. You may find a cheap place to stay but it might turn out that it is too far from everything you want to visit and you will break a bank with transportation. 


What kind of services and facilities you want in your hostel


hostel Nomad kitchen

This is also an important aspect to consider when choosing your hostel. Some hostels are offering a breakfast service, they have a kitchen and coffee and tea facilities which can help you with your budget for food. Some hostels are offering laundry facilities and some are offering jacuzzi and sauna. As always, it depends on your wishes and budget.




Location, location and once more – location. People often underestimate the importance of the proper location of the place where you will sleep. Before you decide to choose a hostel, inform about the town you are visiting. Find out locations of the landmarks you want to explore, then get information on transportation and costs. This item is more important than you think and it affects your overall budget.

It can be really frustrating if you are miles away from your sightseeing places. If you are on a really tight schedule this could be a pure nightmare. You want your trip to be enjoyable, not to end up running frantically and miss all the joys of the sightseeing. 


For all you urban Nomads – our hostel ‘’Nomad’’ is located at the very heart of the Novi Sad. All the important landmarks are near and we can create a custom plan for you to make sure your stay in Novi Sad will be unforgettable.


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