Backpacking Serbia – Where, When and How?


Backpacking Serbia can be a short yet really sweet adventure you really need to try out this year. You will be pleasantly surprised by what this small Balkan country has to offer.A very rich history, an incredible mix of different cultures in one place, the most amazing concerts, and music… and of course, food.  Lots and lots of tastiest foods you can imagine.

It is some sort of backpacker’s dream puzzle – you will need to solve this mystery and collect all parts. At the end of your backpacking Serbia experience, you will be thrilled. You will be back the next year.

First and foremost before you start packing – you will need to forget about all the stereotypes from Hollywood B movies. Serbs are in essence very candid and warm people. And very hospitable, indeed. They will treat you like you are part of their family, literally.  So, what do you need to embark on your very own Serbian adventure?

First, what to pack?

backpacking for hostel

While backpacking Serbia the golden rule for packing is that less is more. Forget about your laptop and expensive tech, your phone will be just enough to document your trip. You want to get that unique Serbian vibe, meet new people and enjoy every moment of your adventure. So, it means you need your wallet, your passport, phone, power bank, clothes… and you are pretty much ready. 


When it comes to budget for your trip – count that you will need somewhere between 30 and 80$ a day. It is pretty much dependent on what kind of transportation you are using. 80$ is your daily budget if you decide to use rent a car service. When it comes to safety – Serbia is among the safest countries out there. If you are a woman traveling alone, you won’t be having any problems.

Where to stay and for how long?


Seven days are quite enough to see everything without any kind of rush. You can create your own little plan and stick to it. When it comes to accommodation in Serbia, hostels like our Hostel Nomad are your best choice.Why? They are affordable, yet very well furnished and you will get that homely atmosphere Serbs are most famous for.

Also, you will probably have a chance to meet new and interesting people to share your own adventure. Hosts are always friendly and approachable and they can inform you about the best local places and deals.

Where to start?


First, our recommendation is to choose summer for backpacking Serbia. Sure, the winter has its own charm and it is very romantic but summer is always a better choice. Concerts, floating night clubs on the Danube river, outdoor restaurants – everything looks and tastes better in the summer. 

Start with Serbian capital – Belgrade. The city that never sleeps.  Our first recommendation is to visit Knez Mihajlova street and start from there. The other gem is Skadarlija which comes alive at night.

There you can try some of the traditional Serbian foods like sarma or Karađorđeva steak and say “Cheers!” with a little glass of Serbian traditional fruit alcoholic drink (rakija).

Kalemegdan Beograd

You need to visit the National Museum, Kalemegdan Fortress, Temple of St.Sava and of course, Belgrade ZOO.


To continue with your adventure, our recommendation is to go a bit north. Novi Sad is the other Serbian gem, especially if you are around when it’s the “EXIT festival” time of year.

Petrovaradin Fortress

The beautiful Petrovaradin Fortress is the home to this amazing festival. Also, since the Novi Sad will be the European capital of culture for year 2021, you will be amazed by all kinds of events that are already being organized all around the entire city. For example Piano city, Cinema city, Street Musicians Festival – Gradić Fest and more. There are also popular historical landmarks such as Old Town Hall located on the main square, Church of Great Martyr St. George and other landmarks. And the best part is – that it is not all. There is a pretty charming place nearby called Sremski Karlovci, best known for its wines. Try bermet if you are around, it is a sort of wine unique for this part of the world.


Now, to continue our trip, time to pay a visit to the south!


Niš is the gem of south Serbia, best known for its Jazz festival and jazz museum. The entire city has a unique oriental vibe. 


Some places you will probably want to visit because they sound very mysterious are located in south Serbia. For example, the skull Tower (yup, that is the real deal, not something straight from the He-man cartoon). It is a gruesomely yet in a way strangely beautiful building, a legacy of some old times and it is definitely worth to be seen.


If you are a nomadic soul craving for adventure, we would be glad to help you explore Serbia in detail.


Our hostel ‘’Nomad’’ is located at the very center of Novi Sad and we can’t wait to have you on board!


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