About Novi Sad

Novi Sad is located just between Belgrade and Budapest, on the Danube riverbank and it would be a great stop if you are taking your brand new adventure across Europe. Leave all the stress behind. Novi Sad is a city tailored for the youth and it has a lot to offer.

Contrary to Belgrade, Novi Sad is still nurturing tradition and it still has that well-known warm and welcoming spirit. Belgrade is known for being some sort of a metropolis, a modern jungle - but Novi Sad is a bit different story. There is only about 80 km between Belgrade and Novi Sad but the difference is pretty surprising. When you come to Novi Sad it seems like the time starts to run slower. There is no rush in this town, just people enjoying every moment of the day. And you should simply relax and take a long walk and do some serious sightseeing.

Petrovaradin fortress

Probably the most famous landmark of all. The impenetrable fortress, never taken by enemies dates back to the Middle Ages, but it was the Austro-Hungarians that had shaped the fortress we know today. There are various legends about this awesome fortress, for example about the dragon living inside the dungeons, slaughtering enemies. ‘’Ghost hunters international’’ made an episode dedicated to fortress, claiming it was haunted. We guess we will never know what lies in the labyrinth beyond the fortress but let’s focus on what is on the surface. 


Today, you can explore the rich history in the ‘’Museum of Novi Sad’’ located on the fortress. One of the most famous landmarks this fortress is most famous for is the clock. We mentioned that the time flows differently in the city of Novi Sad. This clock proves it since the larger clock hand shows the hours. This was helpful to sailors, to see better how much time it is. 

Even the famous Joko Ono created a sculpture of a ship called ‘’šajka’’ that represents a fortress of the peace and to honor the fortress’s interesting history. It is the symbol of peace and it’s been a home for the EXIT festival for more than a decade. 

The town center

The town center is the very core of the Novi Sad because all the landmarks are concentrated in one place. 

Liberty Square is the most famous city square in Novi Sad. It was built in the 18th century and you can still feel the spirit of the old times when you look around. Just take a look and you will see the legacy of the different times, buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries. The Liberty square was always a place for meetings, celebrations, and events of all kinds. You will always see it crowded, mostly with young people.

In the very middle, there is a monument of Svetozar Miletić, 7 meters high. It had been removed only once during World War II and by the end of the war, it has brought back to its original position. And this is where it intends to stay. At the town center, you can find a Townhall built in Neo-Renaissance style. At the top, there is a bell of St. Florian, the patron saint, and protector of the city. This was used to announce important events and news. And the bell even has its own name - Matilda.


Opposite to Townhall, there is a catholic church called ‘’Name of the Mary’’ and it dates back to 1895. This neo-gothic building has four altars, an organ and it is decorated with 20 glass paintings from the most famous Czech and Hungarian glass artist. From the floor to the roof this is a pure work of art - the roof is covered with a colorful ceramic called ‘’žolnai’’.


Near the center is the Serbian National Theatre, and the Synagogue which is one of the rarest monuments of this kind in this part of Europe. Here you can attend the most famous plays, operas, and concerts… and enjoy the most amazing view.


In the town center, you can find two of the most famous streets in Novi Sad - one is the Zmaj Jovina and the other is Dunavska street. Dunavska is probably the oldest and the most famous. Here you can visit a town library built in the year 1895. There is also a city park called Dunavski (Danube) park where you can relax and enjoy the company of the most famous poets such are Đura Jakšić, Branko Radičević, etc… well, their monuments to be precise. Near the Dunavski park, there are the city Museums: Museum of Vojvodina, Historical museum.


As you can notice, the Novi Sad is pretty much practical. Everything is in one place, waiting for you to come here and explore. There is a lot more we haven’t mentioned, we will leave that to you and your curiosity. But if you are looking for the right accommodation, we can help. We are located just around the ‘’Trčika’’ (an old railcar turned into a cafe), at the very center of the town. Be in the center where everything is happening, adventure is just around the corner- literally!